Limousine’s butcher shop was opened in 1998 in Ramat Yishai, with the aim of completely transforming the way fresh meat is produced in Israel and spreading the philosophy of delivering premium meats “direct from the ranch to the consumer.”

After amassing several years of valuable experience testing and developing various methods, the butcher shop began supplying the safest and most satisfying products by aging cuts of meat in only the best open-air conditions, as well as taste-testing each cut before sale.

In addition to prime veal, the shop offers select cuts of lamb, chicken, kebabs, sausages, and burgers –

all featuring the choicest meats.

Fine Israeli wines, sauces, quality butcher knives, pots, and iron skillets are also available.

The shop’s professional staff is always there to provide the very best advice, recipes, and explanations with a smile.

Place your orders in advance by calling 04-9533173.

Price List

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