Just like any good Western, the epic story of Limousine began with the meeting of two genuine Israeli cowboys: Rami Ginat and Amir Talmor. Back then, in the early 90's, Rami and Amir decided to produce their own premium beef by establishing a cattle farm on the rolling hills overlooking the Jezreel Valley.

As time went by, the cowboys began cooking up another idea – their own butcher shop, which could supply the finest quality meat directly from the pasture to the plate. This would transform the entire culture of how meat was produced in Israel.

The Limousine butcher shop opened its doors in Ramat Yishai during 1998, and today it is more popular than ever. The shop specializes in aging locally-grown meats in only the very best and most favorable open-air conditions.

Their mutual expertise raising and preparing beef, coupled with their great love for hosting guests, later inspired Rami and Amir to open a steakhouse and event catering business in 2002.

The Limousine restaurant is located right next to the butcher shop at the heart of the beautiful Jezreel Valley. Showcasing the owners' unique ability to combine the best and most natural ingredients with proven culinary skills, the restaurant truly exemplifies their dedication to the highest quality, as well as a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Limousine is founded on the values of the utmost professionalism, attentive personal service, excellent ingredients, and – of course – only the finest meat!

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